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The Down Syndrome Association of Sudbury (or the “DSAS”) is looking for one Self-Advocate to serve as a volunteer on our Board of Directors!  We are looking for self-advocates with Down syndrome who want to volunteer their time to be part of important decisions that affect DSAS’ members today and in the future, and we need you to share your experiences and ideas.

What is a Self-Advocate?  Self-Advocates speak up for people with disabilities who cannot speak up for themselves.  They also help others see how people with Down syndrome should be the most important part of decisions that affect their lives, for things like health, socializing and making new friends, doing more of the things you want to do, where to live and finding jobs.  A Self-Advocate will help our Board be a better Board!

Will someone help me when I need it?  Yes. We need to know how you feel about these important things and we need to hear your ideas.  To do that, we need to make sure that you are comfortable and have all the information you need to do those things.  We will help you be a Board pro!

How much of your time will we need?  The Board of Directors meets every couple of months, in the evenings for about two hours.  You would sit on the Board for one year.

What will we be meeting about?  We will be discussing DSAS events, raising funds and finances, ideas and things that can affect our members and how they live with Down syndrome, and if and we can help make things better.

Is there anything I need to have or know before becoming a Board member?  The Self-Advocate must be over the age of 16, live in Sudbury, have Down syndrome and be interested in self-advocacy work.

If you or someone you know is interested, send an email to info@dsas.ca with “Board Member” in the subject line.  In that email, please tell us why you want to be a Self-Advocate on the Board of Directors.  Or, you can send the email to say that you will tell us why you want to be a Self-Advocate on the Board of Directors in person at our General Meeting on November 17.  We will be announcing who the successful person will be at that General Meeting.  So if you are interested we need to hear from you by October 31, 2022 because remember, our General Meeting is on November 17!  More details on the time of the meeting and where it will be held will be coming soon