About Us

Our History

The Down Syndrome Association of Sudbury (DSAS) was formed in 1988. The Association now offers support to more than 55 families in the Greater Sudbury area. Parents of individuals with Down syndrome continue to lead and direct the organization. We are a non-profit, self-help group supported by local foundations and families and friends of the DSAS.

What is Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that has always existed and is universal across racial, gender and socio-economic lines. Down syndrome is the result of extra genetic material associated with the 21st chromosome. The effects of this extra genetic material vary from individual to individual. Down syndrome commonly results in an effect on learning style, although the differences are highly variable, just as physical characteristics or health concerns. With assistance opportunities exist for effective methods of teaching each individual.

Our Goals

  • To advocate on matters relating to the right, abilities and potential of individuals with Down syndrome.
  • To raise awareness about individuals with Down syndrome as valued members of our community.
  • To advocate on matters relating to quality education for individuals with Down syndrome.
  • To provide understanding, support, information, resources and encouragement to individuals with Down syndrome and their families.
  • To stimulate the interest and awareness of the community as to the needs and abilities of individuals with Down syndrome.

Our Services

  • We offer personal support to parents of a newborn child with Down syndrome.
  • We inform parents, professionals, students and other interested people about Down syndrome and have many up to date resources for members.
  • We offer information sessions to parents of individuals with Down syndrome.
  • We offer strategies to teachers with regards to the inclusion of a student with Down syndrome into their classroom.
  • We represent the needs of individuals with Down syndrome in Northeastern Ontario.
  • We offer financial assistance to assist families with the purchase of direct services.
  • We offer family activities (i.e. Christmas party, Virtual Parents Support Group).
  • We take part in fundraising activities.